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Lecture on COVID-19 and digital interventions

Watch the lecture I gave on “Scalable digital interventions to adress mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic”, organised by NYU Shanghai, March 31

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How to develop new psychological interventions?

How should new psychological interventions be developed? Top-down or bottom-up? Read our new Viewpoint paper in JAMA Psychiatry, led by Ioana Cristea and with Tomaso Vecchi

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Proud to be co-chair of Expert group of WHO Europe on COVID-19

Proud to be appointed as co-chair of the new Expert group of WHO Europe to identify gaps and solutions to the mental health impacts of COVID-19

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Do we know how psychological interventions work?

Do we know how psychological interventions work? Watch the lecture I gave on that subjects last week at the #ZonMw Conference “Building on effectiveness research’ on Youtube

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Dissemination of evidence based psychological treatments: The need for regulations

When is the evidence sufficient for psychological interventions to be disseminated? Read our new paper on the need for regulatory requirements in the Lancet psychiatry. Led by Marianna Purgato, with Corrado barbui

Our Viewpoint paper in Lancet Psychiatry

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Psychotherapy less effective in youth

Psychotherapy for depression is less effective in children and adolescents than in adults and the elderly. Almost all research in youth was done in the US and hardly any in Europe, while in adults this number is evenly divided. Read our meta-analysis published in JAMA Psychiatry

jama psych 2020

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Open access of psychotherapy manuals

Open access to treatment manuals for psychological interventions is important for replication and for dissemination, but we found that only 7% of manuals were available. Read our new letter in World Psychiatry, led by Sarah Watts and Mark van Ommeren

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Run your own meta analysis

Does CBT work in older adults with depression? Is group therapy effective for perinatal depression? Are psychotherapies more or less effective in East Asia than in the US? Run your own fully automated meta-analysis in psychotherapies for depression at our new website:

Collaborative work with David Ebert, Eirini Karyotaki, Mathias Harrer

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