Meta Analysis

Meta-analyses integrate the results of multiple studies into one best estimate of the outcomes of these studies. Doing meta-analyses is one of the areas of expertise I have developed over the years. At this page you find some resources that can help you to learn how to do meta-analyses.

Free Meta Analysis Book

A free introductory book describing all the steps of a meta-analysis for beginning researchers can be found here . It is free so you can distribute it as much as you want to:

Meta Analysis Book Cover

Accompanying course

For each of the chapters of this book I have recorded a youtube video explaining how this works.

Meta Analysis with R

If you want to learn how to run meta-analyses in R, you can find a free hands-on guide here (written by Matthias Harrer, Pim Cuijpers, Toshi Furukawa and David Ebert).

Meta Analysis in R book cover


We have made a large meta-analytic database available for everyone who is interested. All trials comparing psychotherapy for depression with control conditions are available. You can make your own selection of trials and run a meta-analysis directly online without any software or previous knowledge

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